The Hammer of Thor
by Martin D. Kendall

Thor’s Hammer is lost.  Who will help find it and how will it be sent to its rightful place?  Readers are sure to enjoy a one-of-a-kind adventure as they embark on an exciting journey that will take them to Ilkley and beyond in author Martin D. Kendall’s newly published fiction, The Hammer of Thor.  With all the magic, action, and emotions wrapped up into one thrilling story, readers will definitely find themselves at the edge of their seats. 

During the second Gulf War, two children, Arthur and Ginny, have come to stay with their grandparents in Ilkley. They discover that the town mayor, Albert Lockey, who is, in fact, Loki, intends to ruin Ilkley Moor by developing on it. They are also told of the legend of Giant Rombald, walking between the two outcrops of Almscliff Crag and the Cow Rock, breaking off the Calf and his Wife dropping a Skirtful of Stones on the Moor.

The children discover a set of riddles, which enables them to find both a Cup and a Ring on Ilkley Moor, and they, in turn, wake up an ancient magic surrounding the ancient cup-and-ring stone carvings on the Moor. The magic helps them find Thor’s Hammer, which has been hidden from him on the Moor by Odin. They meet Thor, who tells them that they must get the Hammer to Almscliff Crag by sunrise.

The local police, however, are in league with Loki and capture the Hammer. The children have only that night to get the Hammer back from Loki, avoid the Police, get the Hammer to Almscliff Crag and defeat Loki.  But will they have enough time to do all this?  Readers are about to find out in this riveting novel.